Black Friday is fast approaching and you know me, I’d like to get ahead of everything. This season is my favorite time of the year to go shopping for Christmas gifts. One of the stores that I’m always in the lookout for other than Amazon is Lowe’s. They’ve got huge inventory of appliances, hand and power tools and parts. Another thing I love about this is their special financing, so in case you’re bringing a couple of home appliances or furniture, Lowe’s is the best. They also have the free local delivery.

If you want to jump in ahead instead, I’d recommend going to Slickdeals sale for Lowe’s. You might be able to find other Black Friday deals on their site other than Lowe’s.

So my list for this year would be:

  • Floor Vacuum (probably we’ll go with Roomba this year)
  • Power tool kit
  • Alarm kit
  • Small stuff like utility knife, screwdrivers, etc (for gifts)
  • A few inflatable Christmas decors
  • Foldable table for my garage (it needs to be replaced already)

My wife would like to get a new dryer but it’s out of budget for now and the dryer is still working, so I hope Lowe’s will offer them for next year’s Black Friday.


The reason why I always get these stuff during Black Fridays is because I am able to save up for it for the entire year, and then buy the same quality stuff in with huge discounted price. Aside from that, there is no need do it the old school way, where you have to stand in the line and wait for the store to open, only to caught myself in stampede and chaos. I can shop in the comfort of my home and still enjoy the same discount and get them delivered to my place free of charge.

My wife use to collect all these coupons before and I wasn’t really a big fan of it, until one day I was surprised how much she save for all her shopping spree. I started asking her about this and she’s the one who pointed out about Slickdeals and finding coupon codes first before buying anything.

There’s one (I forgot what year that was) that I availed both the Black Friday sale AND the coupon code my wife stashed on her notepad. During this time, the products are heavily discounted already and we even save a couple more bucks when we use the coupon code.

Other popular and expensive things that will be sold in very low prices are jewelries, electronic gadgets, and home appliances (which are again, I recommend Lowe’s).

My only tip to all buyers out there is to always watch your budget. Due to the tempting low prices, it is very possible to go overboard in your expenses, especially if you find it difficult to resist shiny new things and big bold “SALE!” signs. Me and my wife love to spend on this occasion but we always set a max ceiling. We actually have a separate debit card where we put the money in and spend it to our heart’s desire as long as there are still funds in it.

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