Essential Tools You Should Have In Your Garage

There are a few basics you need to know whether you are looking to kick up things a notch or moving into a new home with your first garage. Choosing essential tools will depend on the type of work you are going to use it for. Using the right tools for the job will save you a lot of money if you have home improvement projects or you are paying professionals to do a minor car maintenance. There are specific tools you can use for pursuing mechanical excellence. We have highlighted some of the necessary tools that should not lack in your garage.

Work bench


The central place to most of your projects will be to have a workbench. It can be made easily from your home or you can get it done professionally. Searching the web can be a good idea if you want to do it for yourself. The ready-made work stations are preferable if they can fit perfectly in the intended workplace. The most affordable option sports two tool storage drawers, a thin particleboard or MDF work surface and a backboard with inbuilt lighting. Other brands have steel-frame workbenches that give it a more rugged bench. You can also customize your workspace with the craftsman’s selection of modular workbenches.


The quality of your work can be minimized with inadequate lighting in the garage. Fluorescent light fixtures mounted on the ceiling can be ideal for your space as they are easily affordable. You can also have hanging lights or ones having flexible stands that can be adjusted to provide illumination where it is needed most. A portable work light will also come in handy when being used at night.

Vises and work holding

A bench vise is an essential tool that can be used to hold your projects in place. It is important to consider the quality since cheaper brands are prone to premature failure. You will also find a folding clamp useful when working with larger materials or you need a portable solution.

Tool Chests

Your garage will be highly efficient if you own more tools. It not only makes it convenient to work on various projects but also offers flexibility. A 26 by 12-inch footprint won’t accommodate more space on a workbench. The chest is spacious enough due to the shallow drawers.

General storage

The most economical way to store pieces of equipment and individual tools is by using a garage staple and a pegboard. Various hooks are available for extension cords, hammers, and other tools. You will achieve greater flexibility with open shelving or enclosed cabinets. An affordable option is to go for individual tool hangers if you are not ready to spend on such setup.

Extension cords and power strips

A 10-outlet power strip measuring 4 feet long, is perfect for placement on a workbench. It can incorporate corded tools with ease. If you want to make different outlets more accessible, you will have to use smaller power strips. Use power strips that are encased with metal since it is ideal for the garage. Another garage necessity is by having longer extension cords. You won’t have to drag power cords across the floor as it offers greater range.

Safety gear

There should be a dedicated area for safety equipment set up in your shop or working space. For eye protection, you will need two pairs of safety glasses that are impact related. One glass for yourself and another for the on looking partner. It is also important to have safety goggles for chemical splash protection that will wrap tightly around your face. Leather or mechanics gloves are also ideal for the projects. Always keep a small first-aid kit handy. Print out material safety sheets for hazardous chemicals you store or use in your garage.

Torque wrench

A torque wrench that is an essential tool that can be used to fasten a nut or bolt. It has special internal mechanisms and is usually in the form of a socket wrench. Take some time to determine the best torque wrench for your car repair. Gone are the days when you used a pry bar or hammer to fix things.

Jack stand/Lifts

One of the immeasurable assets when working on your car is having good solid jack stands with safety pins. It is a bad idea to let your car rest on the brake discs after removing the wheels. Since most stuff is situated underneath your vehicle, you will need quality jack stands or lifts.

Air compressor

A good air compressor is not only used for inflating tires but also blow clean and dry parts. It is a justifiable necessity and can be useful in making your garage more efficient.

Fire extinguisher

As you work inside your garage, remember that you are in an enclosed space with lots of flammable materials. There is a powerful electrical energy source or a sizable amount of explosive liquid. Some of them include battery and gasoline. Anything can catch fire when you least expected. It is essential to equip yourself with a fire extinguisher for the benefit of your car, garage and most importantly, yourself.

Screwdriver set

You can use the screwdriver set to tighten cabinet hardware, crack open lids on the metal paint cans, or install light switches. In the 10-piece set, you get stubby versions that will help you handle the tight spots. They come in many varieties and you can always choose one that suits your garage preferences.

High-speed internet connection

One of the necessities includes repair manuals and sometimes you will always need outsourced advice. Having a Web portal will be convenient for your garage instead of tracking greasy fingerprints all over the space. You won’t have to run back and forth with the mindset that you can make all things happen instantly. Checking the manuals through a computer can boost your knowledge about handling some part of your project. Although you may be a veteran, a Web portal will give you a different perspective of how you can work faster and efficiently.